Come pick your own peppers, tomatoes, beans,blackberries and eggplant.

Tomato and pepper fields are all open.  Italian Paste and canning tomatoes if you pick your own are $11.50 a level bucket.  We have blackberries for you to pick for $3.75 a pound.  Now picking banana hot, medium hot, banana sweet, yellow sweet, green and cubanelle for $11.50 a level bucket.  Chili, cayenne, habanero, ghost, serrano, poblano, and shishito peppers $1.75 a pound. Jalapeno peppers are $1.35 a pound to pick your own.  We are also picking eggplant they go by the size you pick. We have pick your own blue lake, 1/2 runner and yellow wax beans for $.89 a pound.  Okra and grape tomatoes are $1.09 a pound if you pick them, We only accept cash and checks!!! Our hours are Monday thru Friday 9-7,Saturday 8-4and Sunday 9-2.